Didn’t See It Coming is by far the most highlighted and marked-up book I’ve read in a while! It’s not very often a book makes this kind of splash on so many leadership levels. In fact, no matter who you are, you will find wisdom in this book that will not only help you become a better person of influence for tomorrow but also better for the long haul. Even though we often live like we’ll see issues coming before we fall apart, Carey explains how sometimes it’s not that easy. This is your chance to see it coming before it’s too late – it’s certainly worth the read!

About the Author

Carey Nieuwhof is a husband, father of two, a former lawyer, and a highly influential founding and teaching pastor of Connex Church, author, blogger, and podcaster. Through these platforms, his goal remains the same: ‘to help people thrive in life and leadership.’ His book, Didn’t See It Coming, certainly helps with this mission!

Content and Purpose

The premise of the book is to give the reader some insight into how one can successfully navigate seven challenges we often face but don’t often see coming. We might actually be quick to dismiss this sort of book if everything seems to be going well; however, this is the very book you need to read so you can be ready to face these challenges when they hit.

The seven challenges make up the seven parts of the book:

  1. Cynicism;
  2. Compromise;
  3. Disconnection;
  4. Irrelevance;
  5. Pride;
  6. Burnout; and,
  7. Emptiness.

While Carey didn’t always see them coming, his hope is that we can all learn from his experiences, and become better at seeing these challenges as they surface in our lives.

Who should read the book?

I don’t say this very often, but the book is actually for everyone. If you want to grow as a person of influence and stay healthy for the long haul, this book is for you! I can honestly say, both the’ stay-at-home mom’ and the ‘board executive’ will find this book helpful!


Some Highlights:

Instead of pointing out particular pages to look up, let me give you a few reasons why I believe Carey’s insightful book is a must-read!

1. Carey is AUTHENTIC and HONEST.

Remember when leadership was about how strong and perfect you are? I don’t, because I’m a Millennial, but I still see so many trying to pretend this is true. Instead of embracing this falsehood, Carey simply shares his heart.

It’s refreshing to read about his perceived success that actually led him in the wrong direction, and how he eventually found freedom in God’s purpose for his life. To help the reader, he’s authentic and honest enough, because he doesn’t want you to fall into the same trap.

Being real and honest – what a concept!

Some examples of his honesty are found in his discussion on Compromise and Character Building (Part 2), Pride (Part 5), and Burnout (Part 6).

2. Carey is PRACTICAL and based on EXPERIENCE.

Books that are practical are almost always helpful, but when the practical components stem directly from personal experience and later success, it brings the content to a new level!

In addition, the practical sections of this book, read almost like well-written blog posts that outline five or six ways we can all work on the topic being discussed. While it may seem a little less formal, it’s actually quite helpful in applying (and later finding and re-reading) practical advice.

Some great examples of practical help are found in Carey’s discussion on Cynicism (Part 1), Disconnection (Part 3), and Change and Irrelevance (Part 4).

3. Carey is BIBLICAL, yet ATTAINABLE (It’s Not Just for ‘Christians’).

Carey is unapologetically biblical in his approach, but that doesn’t mean someone who doesn’t read the Bible (or even believes in the Bible) will have difficulty with the content.

He writes with taste and brings out the truth that many of us already know intuitively and will probably be surprised that the Bible even sheds light on it.

One great example is found in Part 7, where Carey talks about Emptiness and our pursuit of success. The wisdom of Solomon continues to be true time and time again!

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