Lead with Mission Course

We all have a mission, believe in a set of values, and probably even know where we want to go next. The question is – does everyone else know? Every organization (even churches), needs to have a clear mission, a set of values that protect and clarify that mission, and an articulated vision that everyone can strive for. This is a business strategy that even Jesus understood and practiced!

This introductory course will help you connect these principles to biblical examples and help you to practically define and clarify your mission, values, and vision so you can make a bigger impact and lead with confidence.

Once we’re clear, we can use that clarity to navigate everything else we do!


Lead With Mission Course

Course enrollment is currently closed. Please check back later for an update.

Course Content

  1. Where do I start?
    • We’ll start with connecting our faith and Scripture with our mission.
  2. Ensuring the Mission Clarifies
    • Practical steps to make sure your mission is actually helping you lead.
  3. Writing Values that Protect
    • Practical steps to make sure your values are protecting your mission.
  4. Navigating a Vision Narrative
    • Practical steps to writing a vision narrative that helps everyone know where you’re going.
  5. Bringing it Together
    • Now it’s time to Lead with Mission!

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