Helping pastors and church leaders navigate faith and business with confidence.


#1 – Support the underdog.

#2 – Exemplify biblically-based business principles.

#3 – Feed the cultre of humble confidence

#4 – Learn within conversation.

#5 – Improve every day.

#6 – Ask inqusitive questions.


Imagine a time when Pastors and Church Leaders love to navigate faith and business. Pastor Business wants to impact 1000 Leaders by 2025, so that they can lead better, make better decisions, and confidently navigate the business aspects of their church.

Are your mission, values, and vision clear?

Clarity is one of the most important things we need as leaders. Clearly defining your mission, having a set of values that protect that mission, and crafting a vision for tomorrow, will help create that clarity so you, and your organization can move forward. Lead With Mission is a course to help you craft your mission/values/vision, or tweek your current framework to increase clarity and lead with confidence.